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  A LIVE musical journey of carefully crafted frequency by the Collective Objective steps in to entertain your ears while Organic Zone cooks up a storm to treat your tongue. Beats and Eats, an event created in respect of energy through the collaboration of frequency and food, invites people to connect through the vital understanding that [...]

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This week we’ve been taken over by Broken Transient. Not satisifed with giving us a quality half hour a few months back, he’s gone all Billy Big-Time on us and demanded an hour to flex his liquid muscles (that’s liquid as in Drum & Bass, we’re not trying to say he’s got watery muscles or [...]

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Hello Yes that’s right due to the death of Jim Morrison on July 3 1971, the old school show has moved to Tuesday evenings . So you can catch all your huge old school classics at night now. The show will also be changing and including loads of new music and live dj mixes. Tonight [...]

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EVERY THURSDAY 6PM-8PM Biography In 2004 Zezia started attending Local Outdoor Psy Trance Events. It was at these gatherings he was first introduced to both international and local live acts. After being mesmerized time & time again by the talent of these artists Zezia decided that on-stage is where he wanted to be. Zezia is signed [...]

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