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This week on the Collective Objective Show on Mutha FM, we’re burning 3 hours shamelessly on Hip-Hop mixes and interviews with CT’s underground Hip-Hop contributors. We’re exploring tastes, influences and personalities of Hip-Hop at this time. DJ SHAMELESS We’ll be showcasing the mixes of DJ Shameless and even though the art of scratching and beat-juggling [...]

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This week we keep the vibe nice and chilled on #thejunkyard Sundays 2-4pm. Gearing up for an explosive summer, we decided to keep it easy and ralaxed this week as we play some roots reggae, instrumental Hip hop beats and chilled dubstep vibes. Join us as we go live from The BoardHouse in Blaauwberg Capetown, [...]

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Every Sunday 2-4pm #thejunyard comes to live from the BoardHouse in Blaauwberg, dropping that Hip hop and urban beats. It’s been a sad few weeks for South african Hip Hop, as we lost 2 very respected MC’s. For our feature this week we pay homage to Bonzaya and Mizchif, 2 prominent Rappers on the underground [...]

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The oranisers of the inaugural Tribe One Festival RockStar 4000, have announced just one week before the festival is due to take place, that it has been cancelled. The festival has been criticised in social media for being too over optimistic, with ticket prices initially being very expensive, and then suddenly being offered at two [...]

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