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Over 1,000 pairs of adidas from past and present will be on display, plus a new unveiling An exhibition from adidas SPEZIAL will arrive in Blackburn from 4th – 20th October and will feature over 1,000 pairs of adidas footwear, as well as the new Blackburn SPZL. Taking place at the magnificent Cotton Exchange, the exhibition has
Its no secret that Rave Culture is making a big come back on a Global scale and with it all the fads and fashions… There it is, on the guy with the white sunscreen nose and free trucker hat, right under his pudgy dad belly and tightly-tucked t-shirt that reads “I MickeyEars Florida.” This tourist’s

20 Reasons to Love Spring in South Africa

Now that the warmer weather is taking hold of our beautiful country, and providing bright colourful hues across the landscape, we thought to share our top 20 reasons for absolutely loving spring! A wonderful season full of light, colour and new life – what’s not to love? 1. Wildlife Spring is known as the season of
If you have not already heard one of the worlds biggest reality TV shows is coming to Cape Town next year and whether you are a reality TV fan or not, it is actually quite entertaining. Yes I have become a Love Island fan, I was pulled in by my girlfriend having it on all
PUMA and CHINATOWN MARKET have taken to the former’s archives to recreate some classic footwear, reimagined using colourful slogans and graphics, as well as interchangeable DIY elements. CHINATOWN MARKET is a DIY-aesthetic brand and is inspired by the fast-moving pace of New York’s Canal Street. Chinatown Market immediately stands out with its fun graphics and eye-catching prints. Recreating
Thousands of festival goers have joined Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace in calling attention to the climate emergency by staging a procession across Glastonbury. The march began at the Park Stage, and culminated at the Stone Circle, where they formed a human sculpture of an hourglass – Extinction Rebellion’s emblem, symbolising how time is running out for the planet. The
“I would be passing new ordinances relating to stiff criminal penalties for anyone who held a rave – the promoter, the guy who owned the building. I’d put the son-of-a-gun in jail,” says then Senator Joe Biden, in a grainy C-SPAN clip from a 2001 hearing hosted by the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control.
Clubbing has a rocky history with being portrayed on the big screen. Those that get it right are a timeless snapshot of dancefloor experiences, whilst those that get it wrong are a woeful attempt at nightclubs clearly put together by someone that’s never set foot in one. Below, we chart the best rave films so
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