DJ Michelle, a nine-year-old girl from Dubai, has entered into the DMC World DJ Championships.

The 2021 edition of the DMC Championships will take place in eight battle categories over the course of the year, with the first seeing DJ Michelle go up against 8 other competitors if she is selected by World Champion judges. Japan’s DJ Rena is the youngest winner of the DMC Championships at just 12-years-old.

The event is a showcase of the world’s best scratch DJ’s who play portable turntables and vinyl, this year returning to the decks for it’s 36th edition.

The championships – which have been running since 1985 – take place in different locations across the world annually with inaugural events taking place in London and returning years later. After last year’s competition was moved online and made virtual, the 2021 edition will follow suit.

Competitors come together from all over the globe with UK’s Speedy Sloth amongst the mix this edition, and other contestants hailing from Indonesia, USA, Nepal, Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium.

Leading artists will receive new titles and be given a career boost, with support from both Technics and Serato. Finalists will be announced on May 5 who will then progress to the next round.

Tony Prince, DMC’s founder, said: “DMC has always come out fighting for the DJs, every type of DJ, club, radio, bedroom, mobile, party, producer. I’m proud that we inspired DJs and see where they are today. All DJs have a similar focus, to be creative with music, to do things that stand out, to be the best.”

Yet with COVID restrictions still testing the event, Prince said: “rather than shrink into the COVID shadows, we’re fighting back and have created many events to expand the art of the DJ performer/producer.”