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Who we are.

Mutha FM is South Africa's first internet radio station launching 2002 it has evolved into the Music Lifestyle Media Platform it is today, with the latest Electronic Music, News, Events, reviews and updates on local and global music scenes and trends.

Broadcasting live shows 24/7 from locations across South Africa and around the world in real-time, creating streaming music and video portals for the online community.


Where we started, where we are and where we going.

History of Mutha FM:

Mutha FM started broadcasting as South Africa’s first internet radio station in 2002 launching as a platform to assist in showcasing the talent of the countries finest DJ’s, Producers and Artists and for the first time bringing together all the electronic genres under one roof.

Below is one of the 8 Studios built by the team during the 15 years before taking our broadcast to the cloud and to the rest of the world.

Mutha FM studio 2010 – 2012 Cafe La Vie, Sea Point, Cape Town

In the years that followed, the platform gained momentum and helped many Artists reach their goals of getting into the spotlight encouraging them to follow their dreams and be the best they could be, these include Goldfish, Niskerone and Grimehouse to mention a few…

In 2010 the station then became the first to broadcast video streams from South Africa to the rest of the world.

Mutha FM established itself as the station that supported the global dance music scene from South Africa and broadcast live from the main stages at festivals and built up it's following through new age of media and established itself as the Electronics Music Media Platform it is today.

Present day:

Today Mutha FM live broadcasts over thirty shows a week, with some of the countries most established performers streaming live from their current locations across South Africa, and the rest of the World which includes Ibiza, USA, Australia and the UK.

Each show brings with it its own creativity and personality representing the platform and music it encapsulates.

Our Artists / Presenters have been cultivated into the music business, each one has over a decade experience having built up their following in the scene and as well as on social media with all the marketing value that it brings to their shows.

Mutha FM has set up the weekly show structure to fall in line with our target audience’ lifestyles and to create branding opportunities at the right times of the day during the weeks and weekends.

Music has always been a very important part of society. The different genres form the building blocks of today’s sub-cultures, bringing with it trends and fashions that people form their lives around creating opinions, buying brands and products subliminally in their lifestyles according to the music genre they follow.

One of the main necessities in today’s society is that everything has become fast-paced with the advances technology offers; everything is now reachable on your personal handset device. The beauty of music is it can make you feel a certain way, and we know that playing music at the right time is one of the most important factors in performing. Music is a mood definer and it can set your mood up for the rest of the day.

We see this as an opportunity to place brands and products in the correct show and the right time of day, delivering a choice that fits in with their music lifestyle.


The Mutha FM has built up a family of DJ’s around the world who now connects shows via audio and video streams on a global scale.

With the assistance of our umbrella company Mutha Media which is a full production media company, we have put together a production network that allows our clients to gain greater exposure and aid artists in getting more recognition for their music and creativity through new media technology and broadcast to a greater audience.

We now broadcast from all corners of the World and the Mutha network is growing all the time as we move deeper into the digital age…