The modular headphones have been upgraded

AIAIAI have announced new additions to their TMA-2 range of headphones.

The TMA-2 Studio and TMA-2 Studio XE are the new products in the lineup, the former being an updated version of the TMA-2 Studio and the latter being an entirely new version. A bio-cellulose diaphragm as been added by AIAIAI, which is more stiff and light than PET – which contributes to the lower distortion that the headphones create.

The XE also comes in lighter than the Studio model, while also being cheaper. Vegan leather makes up the earcups on the XE while the Studio model has Alacantara earcups.

The studio comes in at €229 (Aprox: R4351.00), while the XE will be sold for €179 (Aprox: R3401.00) from mid-July.

You can check them out on AIAIAI’s website.