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Share your show concept with us.

This is the application page for a radio show time-slot business on the Mutha FM platform. We are a broadcasting music lifestyle media platform that streams and operates in the online digital media space.

This is the first part of your radio show application; please fill in the form below with your full name, contact number, email and a description of your show concept and also what would make it attractive to the listeners, who your target audience is including age group. We would also need your social media, SoundCloud and MixCloud links for the application process then press send.

Once your request has been submitted it will be reviewed by the production team and assessed to fit in with the Mutha FM Stationality, music flow structure and time-slot availability.

A Mutha FM representative will get back to you and keep you informed of where you are in the show application and keep you up to date with the process.

Having a show time-slot position on the timetable is your own radio show business on the Mutha platform with the opportunity to build your personal and show brands in the digital media space that enables you to stream on a national and international level. The sliding scale of remuneration allows you to increase your earning by having a marketable show and also gives you the freedom to broadcast from anywhere on the planet.

There is a small fee per show which will cover the platform support costs for a 3 (three) month time period to build momentum and bring in potential marketing revenue and get your radio show business on its feet. When you reach the target amount, these show costs will fall away and you will start earning.


Fill in the form below to submit your show concept.

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