Beatport has announced a new and handy subscription service called Beatport LINK that allows DJs to stream the music platform’s extensive catalog (over seven million tracks) directly into performance software.

Beatport LINK is currently in its beta version and the company has released, alongside it, the beta of Beatport CLOUD – a service that offers Beatport’s loyal customers full track previews, an all-new My Library section and unlimited re-downloads of previously purchased tracks.

Developed in close collaboration with Pioneer DJ, you can test out Beatport LINK’s first DJ software integration via Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ app. In Fall of 2019, Beatport’s next LINK integration will tailor more to professional DJ markets by becoming compatible with Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox software.

“The launch of Beatport LINK exhibits our commitment to creating the best possible experience for our expanding ecosystem of DJs, and we can think of no better partner than Pioneer DJ for the service’s first software integration,” comments Beatport’s CEO, Robb McDaniels. “We are particularly excited to introduce the upcoming Offline Performance Mode, which firmly sets Beatport LINK apart from its competitors in the DJ market.”

Test out Beatport LINK’s beta version by going here.

Beatport CLOUD’s beta version is currently available as a standalone subscription service. Test it out here. <<<<<