CLUB UNITY has just announce to their- nationwide and global Unity family that the united forces of UNITY will be realigning once more on the 15th of December 2018 with “The Vinyl Chapter” to celebrate their 19th YEAR of club and event productions in the only way they know how…


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The world famous club made its mark at the end of the 90’s as South Africa’s first Super Club breaking through all the barriers as the country was going through changes and the club, having a huge following of different races, dancing together as one under the Unity cog (their well known logo) as seen below:

(((> UNITY DJ Line-Up <))) ~ Coming soon!

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Early birds have just gone on sale with a limited amount available!



DATE: 15th December 2018

DRESS: Save the rave

VENUE: Metronome – 12 Viben Avenue, Brackenfell Industrial, Cape Town, SA.



The original Club ran for 3 years from the 4th of April 1999 to 2002 and hosted the biggest DJ’s, Producers and record labels that were prominent at the time, and won SA’s best Night Club  for two years running making a name and a place in peoples hearts forever.

Since then UNITY have been doing events every few years, which they call Re-Unity to celebrate the club and passion of the thousands that came to the venue and events who are a part of the Unity family.


WATCH THIS SPACE – for more information as it is released for the 19th year Re-Unity!


FYI: The Unity cog has 8 points that signify the original Unity 8 DJ’s who at the time broke away from all there resident clubs to form the club production ~ (Nick E Louder, Chris Klass, Dimitri, Tobie Allen, Gavin Fitchie, Dan Dare, Rob B & DJ Lee).