CEP Artist Feature – A Night Out With Your Mutha – 8 June

🎉 Get ready for A Night Out with Your Mutha Saturday 8th June! 🌙 Join us from 9pm to 12am as we showcase 3 incredible DJs in partnership with Creative Events Promoter. 🎶

🎧 9pm – 10pm (SAST): Let DJ Bongz from RSA take you on a journey with his Afro House beats.

🎧 10pm – 11pm (SAST): Dance the night away with DJ Karol Diac from Italy as she brings us her mesmerizing Organic Techno sounds.

🎧 11pm – 12am (SAST): Hold onto your seats as DJ Lemontada from Egypt captivates us with his enchanting Melodic Techno tunes.

🔥 Don’t miss this epic showcase! Who needs to leave home when you can experience A Night Out with Your Mutha right from your living room?

🎶 Dj Bongz (@realdjbongz) – South Africa

DJ BONGZ, the illustrious veteran of the South African DJ scene, brings Afro house sound over two decades of experience to the table. With two Metro FM Awards under his belt and a trailblazing journey marked by hits like “Thina sobabili” and “Sobuye sbonane,” DJ BONGZ is not just a DJ but a cultural icon, known for his signature dance moves such as the iconic Gwara-gwara. With a portfolio of performances at international stages, enchanting audiences at esteemed festivals like Neversea, Amsterdam Dance Event, and the prestigious UNTOLD Festival.

🎶 Dj Karol Diac (@djkaroldiac) – Italy

Karol Diac, also known as the “Shaman Lady,” have been captivating audiences around the world. Her rise to prominence as a DJ, performer, and producer is a testament to her unique blend of shamanic and dreamlike mysticism that has left an indelible mark on the global dance music landscape. Karol Diac’s musical journey is a fusion of tribal rhythms, ethnic influences, and world music elements, creating an immersive experience known as Jungle Rituals. Her daytime sets resonate with organic tribal house and oriental waves, while her night performances transmute into tribal tech house, melodic shamanic techno,

🎶 DJ Lemontada (@dj_lemontada_official) – Egypt

DJing since 2004, DJ and music producer, Lemontada hails from Egypt and has a passion for Techno, Melodic Techno, and Afro Deep House vibes. Holding the title of Resident DJ at Radio DJ Sound Amsterdam and TMJ FM Radio Brazil, DJ Lemontada’s music transcends borders and cultures. Featured on Organic Deep House Dubai, this talented artist has also graced various lounge areas in Riyadh and Egypt with their unforgettable sets. Dive into the eclectic sounds of DJ Lemontada and experience music that moves your soul.

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