Curve Pusher have opened a new vinyl cutting and studio facility in the seaside town of Hastings. Having been forced to move out of their former Hackney address where they’ve worked with the likes of Hot Creations, Crosstown Rebels and Nina Kravitz’s Trip, founder Lawrie Dunster decided to move the operation to Hastings where the facility hosts three Neumann vinyl cutting lathes as well as well a collection of analogue synths and outboard.

Curve Pusher synths hastings

Based around a 40-channel Amek console, the mixing room also has an adjacent live room and insturments for live band recording. The separate synth space may be of more interest to electronic music producers, with classic Moogs, DSIs and Rolands all available.

Adding that local artists and producers would be offered a discount, Dunster said “It’s a new chapter for Curve Pusher, one which I hope will build on the work we have done in dance music and the international sector already, and will allow us to work with the rich local community of musicians that our new home has in droves.”