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Thursday 12PM – 3PM


Danger Boy a.k.a. Jade Mostert was bitten by the DJ bug in 1993, after seeing his brother play at Sebastian’s in Sea Point, Cape Town.

He began working as a casual in his brother’s record store Syndicate Records – DJ Syndicate. Syndicate brought in vinyl records from all around the world making them pioneers and leaders in dance music across Africa.

In the same year 1993, Jade went on a business trip to London and visited The Ministry of Sound for the first time, watching and listening to the legends that are CJ MacIntosh and Todd Terry.

He returned from his trip with a new understanding, passion and love for house music. With his newfound art, he quickly became well known in the Cape Town club scene, playing his distinctive sound of mixed genres of house, putting them together to create 12-hour long journeys. He was resident DJ at many internationally known and groundbreaking  clubs like, Sebastians, Bar DoMe, G-Spot, Hemingways, Isis, Orange, Fresh and many more…

What you can expect:

Come and join me for a joyride on your Thursday afternoon as we take Mutha FM for a spin!! ;D

Starting off with the Roller coaster at 12pm, then at 12.30pm its a left turn into a History of House, then its Goeff’s 6 of the best at 1pm,  and we take a Passport to Smoking pleasure… followed by DB’s Mission to the Moon at 2pm, and we take the backdoor on a mission Uranus at 2.30pm… Dont miss a beat! 😀


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In the time Jade was working at Syndicate, he met Mark Gillman, South Africa’s first shock jock, who was on UCT (University of Cape Town) radio at the time.

Gillman was instantly interested in Jade’s sharp sense humour and candid view of life.

Basically, he was and still is a naughty shit always ready for a laugh. When Gillman moved to Goodhope FM he asked Jade to do some random hilarious tasks live on radio. He was an instantly loved by many.

Gillman then moved to 5FM, South Africa’s largest National radio station. When Jade returned from his 6-month DJing stint in the UK in 1999, Gillman got him to feature on his show and asked him to pick a name. Danger Boy was his creation. Danger Boy was on 5 FM for 5 years, causing worldwide chaos wherever he went. He was South Africa’s first and last roving comedian and stunt man.

Danger Boy was on 5 FM for 5 years, causing worldwide chaos wherever he went. He was South Africa’s first and last roving comedian and stunt man.

Some of his exploits include taking Nando’s chicken to the South African athletes to the Olympic Games in Athens. Literally making one of the Queens guards shed tears of laughter with his brilliant sense of humor. Touching an electric fence, driving a lawn mower on the highway to save petrol, riding a horse in the middle of suburbia, being attacked by police dogs. So many exploits even he has forgotten about.

Danger Boy’s first television appearance was on the first episode of Pop Idols. He dressed in a white Elvis suit and sang Hound Dog to his Dachshund, Danger Dog.

He won the title of Worst Performance of the series. Jade’s ability to have a few personas explains the crossover of Jade the DJ and Danger Boy the action hero. He has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Jay-Z, Rihanna, Samuel L. Jackson, David Morales, Todd Terry, Deep Dish, Marshall Jefferson, Boy George, Danny Rampling and many more other big names in the industry. Jade did the opening set at Cape Town’s Olympic Bid party in front of 60 000 people. His opening track was Ultra Nate – Free.

There is so much more to say about this South African Icon, that we suggest you support his Mission to get his movie Lifted, off the ground. We are thrilled to have Jade and Danger Boy become part of the Mutha FM family and looking forward to his unique flavour of House. We have lift off!

Let the Mission begin…


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