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packapunch Friday

Friday 12pm – 3pm


Is an independent dj/producer/label from Johannesburg South Africa.

“As for most people music is apart of their everyday life, And as from as young age I can remember music always use to resonate with me on so many deep levels. But always endured the instrumental side of things as you feel the emotions without any words. Thus started a journey into the unlimited world of audio and its creations.

After leaving Johannesburg at the age of 17, I left South Africa to London, England for what the high light of my learning years of my musical Hobbies.

The UK music world opened up to me, and in more ways than I can imagine and as I found myself in a more modern world with cheaper technology of all sorts I knew I was in the right place to learn and progress.”

What you can expect:

Kicking off your weekend with the PACKAPUNCH FRIDAY afternoon from 12pm lunchtime taking through the deeper sounds of house music and bringing in the hip hop elements to rock you into your Friday!


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“So after 11 years of traveling the world from UK to France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Thailand, Egypt, Cancun Mexico and others I for some reason strayed away from the DJ scene unless for friends parties but studio production was a new game to me and it took time and knowledge to do and master than just cross fade 2 songs together so I knew this is going to be something very difficult to learn on my own.

I took a course at  Point Blank music Production College where one of my favorite artists from back in the day Danny J. Lewis ( Emzin Black) Americanism. Where I did a few courses on Logic Pro which I was using at the time before I had discovered the world of Ableton live.

My Journeys have taken me far and I want to share my Unique Style and Tasteful Genres for all soulful ears to enjoy.

Lets enjoy the Journey Together.”

DJ Smuggler

PackaPunch Productions