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I The entertainment industry is a world of beats and harmony where all genres come together as one. It all started way back in the '70s when BBC introduced the first female DJ. In 1991 DJ mag was launched and was the platform for growth in electronic dance music as we know it today. The word 'DJANE' was chosen and popularized to define a shorter meaning for 'female DJ' Over time, it became popular among female DJs and the media. 



Djanemag.com is an online magazine, which existed since 2013 to assist female DJs with an annual public Poll TOP100DJANES. 

The site is gaining popularity around the world and has regional representatives on all continents. 



The magazine contains information about DJanes life, job, interviews, latest music releases and video, information about events and gigs, best world music festivals, and technical innovations in DJ's world. 



DJanes can register on djanemag.com and have the ability to post their news, events in the main news stream on the website. Also, it can bring them more votes direct links for voting and managers can book them directly from the site.  



There are no special criteria, every female DJ can be a part of TOP100DJANES voting! 




What you can expect:


Every week at 3pm on a Tuesday you can catch DJANE MAG'S MUTHA'S ANGELS show right here on Mutha FM with the finest female DJs from local, national and international locations.



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Download the Mutha FM App.