In the vibrant heart of South Africa, a unique blend of rhythm and soul has been captivating audiences worldwide. Afro Techno, also known as Afro Tech, is a dynamic music genre that seamlessly fuses the rich cultural heritage of Africa with the cutting-edge sounds of electronic music. This trend, which originated in South Africa, has evolved into a global sensation, leaving its mark on dance floors everywhere.

One of the key figures instrumental in propelling Afro Techno to international prominence is the renowned DJ and producer, Black Coffee. With his masterful mixing skills and innovative approach to music production, Black Coffee has become a trailblazer in the industry, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated following around the globe. His signature sound, characterized by deep, soulful grooves and mesmerizing beats, has set the standard for excellence in Afro Techno music.

Joining Black Coffee on the forefront of the Afro Techno movement are other influential South African artists who have shaped the industry and contributed to its global success. Names like Culoe De Song, Shimza, DJ Merlon and Enoo Napa have made significant contributions to the genre, infusing their music with the spirit and energy of South African culture.

The allure of Afro Techno lies in its ability to transcend borders and connect people through the universal language of music. Its infectious rhythms and hypnotic melodies have captivated audiences from Johannesburg to Berlin, igniting a passion for dance and celebration wherever it is played. The genre’s rise to prominence on the global stage is a testament to the creativity and talent of South African artists who continue to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of electronic music.

As Afro Techno continues to evolve and inspire new generations of artists and music lovers, its impact on the industry is undeniable. The fusion of traditional African sounds with modern electronic beats has created a musical tapestry that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, ushering in a new era of creativity and innovation in the world of music.

At, we celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of Afro Techno music, showcasing the talents of South African artists who have shaped the industry and propelled it to new heights. Join us in embracing this global phenomenon and experiencing the magic of Afro Techno music as it continues to captivate hearts and minds around the world. Let the rhythm move you and the music unite us in celebration of this extraordinary musical journey.

Let the beats of Afro Techno guide your steps and elevate your spirit as we dance together to the sounds of South Africa, echoing across continents and uniting us in the universal language of music.

The two shows that you can follow to wet your Afro tech appetite are Sonic Sessions, on Sundays from 3-6 pm weekly, and the newly launched show DEEPSOUTH Sessions hosted by Michael Sutton, Thursday from 6-9pm weekly.
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DEEPSOUTH Sessions with Michael Sutton

Genre: Afro House, Organic House & Afro Tech
Thursday 6pm – 9pm