Unleash your inner wanderer and embark on a transformative journey through sound with The Digital Shaman, your visionary guide to the depths of music. Born from a lifelong passion for melody and rhythm, The Digital Shaman’s odyssey began amidst the crackle of LPs and the enchanting tales of Bob Dylan’s discography, igniting a fervent love affair with sound. In 2020, as the world collectively paused, The Digital Shaman found solace and purpose in the art of DJing. Crafting soul-stirring digital “mixtapes,” he sculpted sonic landscapes that became the heart and soul of his musical offering. In just four years, his journey has transcended borders, gracing international stages and renowned festivals across South Africa.

A defining moment came at Earthdance 2022, where The Digital Shaman united with South Africa’s trance luminaries, illuminating a path towards healing and unity through music. Alongside his DJ ventures, he co-founded WE R Music, a music production company unlocking new avenues for artistic expression. At the core of The Digital Shaman’s sonic medicine lies an unwavering commitment to exploration. From the mesmerizing allure of Desert Tech to the rhythmic tapestries of house and techno, and into the ethereal realm of psytrance, he guides listeners on a cathartic journey of transformation.

Join The Digital Shaman on his 3hr show titled “Medicated” every Thursday, exclusively on MuthaFM. Where suffering is transmuted into transcendence, and melodies serve as conduits for emotional alchemy.

Tune in via the website media player, or simply download the free app (Apple) (Android), and let The Digital Shaman be your pocket DJ, guiding you through the boundless realms of sonic exploration, 24/7/365

Medicated with The Digital Shaman

Genre: Melodic Techno & PsyTrance
Thursday 9pm – 12am