The original was one of the first revolutionary iOS music making apps

Moog has released Animoog Z, a new version of their iconic Animoog app that first launched on iOS in 2011. The new version is designed for use with iPad and iPhone but also works on macOS as an AU plugin. There’s also a VST wrapper for all DAWs that support VST3.

Animoog V features a similar layout to the original app, with 16 voices of polyphony and a touch-screen X/Y interface for wavetable sound design. There’s the same keyboard that offers both notes and chords as well as gliding effects, an in-depth modulation page, effects and arpeggiator, the classic Moog filter clone, Ableton Link support for syncing over WiFi and MIDI support for integrating with your studio. 

The core feature is the Orbit Page where, when a key is pressed, the sound begins to follow an X/Y axis path and shifts in timbre and tone as it moves. The direction of the sound and the speed at which it travels can be modified, from slowly evolving pads to an extreme sound design approach, similar to wavetable synths like the Korg Wavestation. The Thick Module adds detuning and unison modes to add more sonic characteristics to the moving sound. 

To celebrate the launch, Moog commissioned synth legend Suzanne Cianni to create a performance on the Z and her Buchla synth. You can watch that below. 

Download the free version of Animoog Z from the App Store here