A new music-making app, Endlesss, launched on the app store this week which lets you create music collaboratively with others.

It works at different levels, meaning it’s easy to use for a newcomer looking to take up a new hobby as well as experienced producers and musicians who want to create music while in lockdown.

When creating a new track, the app functions as a virtual hangout with a live chat room. You build a track loop by loop, tapping a section to loop it.

As well as software versions of gear like drum machines and samplers, there’s also the option to plug in your external kit and use it within the app.

The app itself is free to use, but a subscription of £4.49  (+ or – R90.00) a month will unlock different sounds and effects. Due to the current global Coronavirus crisis, the trial period has been extended from a week to two months.

Check out the app’s quick and handy how-to video guide below.