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Their new “fan-centric royalties” will pay out based on fan listening times rather than ‘pro rata’ SoundCloud is introducing user-centric royalties for artists using its platform. As SoundCloud describe it, “under the old model, money from your dedicated fans goes into a giant pool that’s paid out to artists based on their share of total


What is the best DJ turntable to buy? Here is the guide to DJ turntables in 2021 DJs are blessed with a wealth of options when it comes to buying turntables these days, with the market experiencing a surge in growth and innovation running parallel to the vinyl resurgence. When it comes to deciding what DJ
Gorillaz’ self-titled debut album turns 20 today this month, and the band have teased some forthcoming drops to celebrate. The animated band, led by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, released their debut album on 26th March 2001. The LP introduced the project to the world, and features some of their most iconic tracks including ‘Clint
Wu-Tang Clan are releasing a new photo book, Wu-Tang Clan: LEGACY. Wu-Tang are claiming it is the “biggest and rarest book in the history of hip hop”. It’s certainly unique, as it’s made from a bronze-encrusted steel chamber and weighs a whopping 181 kilograms. It’s likely to be rare, too, as it’s limited to just 36 copies.
KORG has announced a new set of noise-cancelling headphones called the NC-Q1s. Designed to be used by DJs and live performers in loud environments, the headphones offer both passive and active noise cancelling, as well as controlling coming sound and offering Smart Monitoring with EQ and volume control for external noise. The headphones are specially
For the first time in nearly 25 years, record labels are on course to make more money from vinyl sales than from CDs. UK labels saw a 30% increase in income from vinyl record sales last year, rising to £86.5 million, the highest total since 1989. The pandemic was a factor in the market shift,
21 Years ago on the 3rd of April 1999, eight of Cape Towns finest DJ’s came together to create what is now know as SA’s first Superclub, it was the first venue to bring the biggest DJ’s and Producers to a Cape Town dance floor on a monthly basis and every week was an epic
This gives new meaning to building up your set 😉 Yes we all like to play with Lego growing up, but this is taking it to the next level of playing ;D Check out a video of the decks in action below! Musician and creative Look Mum No Computer, real name Sam Battle, has made working