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For those who don’t already know, Club UNITY was SA’s first Super Club. A place where high-end clubbing and the superiority of Dance Music was elevated and created a united family essence under one roof that has never been seen in this country since… On the 4th of June 2022 we call on all the
The SL-1200M7L is based on their SL-1200 MK7 To celebrate 50 years of Technics, a new limited edition range of the SL-1200 is now available to purchase. The new SL-1200M7L is based on the manufacturers’ flagship turntable the SL-1200 MK7. This 50-year anniversary range has the same design as the original however comes with a gold
Nightclubs for many are a place of togetherness, where clubbers can come together and dance. This is no different for the deaf community, who have always been a part of the scene —moving to the heavy bass of a soundsystem while enjoying the bright lights of a smokey venue. Though what could be perceived as
Will Smith and Chris Rock’s viral Oscars moment has been remixed into a fiery club track. On Sunday, March 28, the Academy Awards annual Oscars celebrations took place for the 94th time. At the event, one memorable moment took place on stage when Will Smith walked up to host Chris Rock and slapped him after making a
There has always been massive competition between DJ equipment in the Dance Music Scene since the days of the Turntable with the Technics SL120/ 1210 holding the crown for over 3 decades, in this super fast age of digital we now live in the battle has been lead by Pioneers in recent years closely followed
A creator has submitted a design for LEGO Daft Punk helmets to be selected for the next batch of LEGO collectible items. LEGO has an initiative where creators can submit ideas that they believe would make good collectibles for the future. The toy-maker accepts votes, and in order to be evaluated by the LEGO team, each
The world has gone through a difficult time over the past few years and every club scene needs support from its locals to regrow, flourish and get back its passion and beautiful glory. Pete Tong speaks to us about just that, and Ibiza Classics, “unfinished business” with Goldie and the protecting the electronic music scene