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KORG has announced a new set of noise-cancelling headphones called the NC-Q1s. Designed to be used by DJs and live performers in loud environments, the headphones offer both passive and active noise cancelling, as well as controlling coming sound and offering Smart Monitoring with EQ and volume control for external noise. The headphones are specially
For the first time in nearly 25 years, record labels are on course to make more money from vinyl sales than from CDs. UK labels saw a 30% increase in income from vinyl record sales last year, rising to £86.5 million, the highest total since 1989. The pandemic was a factor in the market shift,
21 Years ago on the 3rd of April 1999, eight of Cape Towns finest DJ’s came together to create what is now know as SA’s first Superclub, it was the first venue to bring the biggest DJ’s and Producers to a Cape Town dance floor on a monthly basis and every week was an epic
This gives new meaning to building up your set 😉 Yes we all like to play with Lego growing up, but this is taking it to the next level of playing ;D Check out a video of the decks in action below! Musician and creative Look Mum No Computer, real name Sam Battle, has made working
‘Sand, Moon & Stars’ features in a documentary about football club UD Ibiza Carl Cox has released a track in honor of Ibiza. ‘Sand, Moon & Stars’ is Carl Cox’s latest release and pays tribute to Ibiza and the island’s football club, UD Ibiza. The new tune, a gorgeous house cut, is the title music for Club Ibiza: The Sessions, a five-part football

DJ Gomi on Mutha FM

This week DJ Gomi featured on Nick E Louder’s Loud & Proud show on Thursday evening and the full 1 hr set will be aired at 9pm this Saturday night the 20th of March 2021 and its well worth tuning in for taking you across the funk and groove sound into the more uptempo beat
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Whether you’re DJing or making tunes, a good set of studio monitors is needed to ensure you can hear everything crispy, concise and clear. There’s a whole bunch of monitors to choose from, with brands like KRK, Yamaha, JBL, M-Audio and more in the market. As always with studio gear and DJ equipment, the decision isn’t easy. It’s an investment after all
Local Superstar Lady Lista has just released her latest single  ‘INFATUATED’ Check it out bellow: ‘INFATUATED’ has a hint of Disco infused with pop soul. With an upbeat feel and rhythmical groove, you simply cannot help but to tap those toes. You can also check it out on Disco Kid: