Kindred x Stand Up

Buy from the amazing STAND UP collection with all proceeds going to organisations combating Gender Based Violence.

Please see the Kindred “Stand Up” Campagn – SA on Facebook:

As a result of COVID, charities and brands are under enormous pressure, whilst people utilize online shopping more and more. Kindred is placed in a perfect storm of trends to help everyone – whilst giving back to those that care the most. We have kindness at our core and that kindness shines through in everything we do.

Everyone has the right to be heard and by posting a picture of yourself, wearing our rainbow T-shirt on social media, you can “Stand Up” and have your say, while promoting and supporting organizations that make a difference.

Stand up against violence in SA
Stand up against GBV
Stand up together.
Stand up for one another.
Stand up for human rights.
Stand up….

Let the world know what you “Stand Up” for.

The tag line #StandUp is a call to action for everyone to make their voices heard to stop violence against women, children and the LGBTQ community.

The choice of the Rainbow design on the T- shirt depicts a sign of hope and a promise of better times to come. This is what the rainbow stands for in many different cultures. The Rainbow also represents inclusivity.

The proceeds from the T-shirt sales will go to SAWFB, SONKE Gender Justice, Tears and the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust.

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SA Women Fight Back is a community of united women who network to bring about legislative change and support for all women and children in SA. Through non violent, collaborative engagement we lobby to combat gender based violence and hold government and other authorities accountable for the safety, empowerment, equality and justice for all.

About SONKE Gender Justice:

Founded in 2006, Sonke Gender Justice is a South African-based non-profit organisation working throughout Africa. Our aim is to strengthen the capacity of governments, civil society, and citizens to advance gender justice and women’s rights, prevent gender-based violence and reduce the spread of HIV and the impact of AIDS, and in this way contribute to social justice and the elimination of poverty. Sonke’s vision is a world in which men, women and children can enjoy equitable, healthy and happy relationships that contribute to the development of just and democratic societies. We believe women and men, girls and boys can work together to resist patriarchy, advocate for gender justice and achieve gender transformation.

About Rape Crisis:

Established in 1976, Rape Crisis is the most experienced organisation in South Africa working in the area of adult rape and sexual violence. Our roots are as a volunteer run feminist women’s collective and as a feminist organisation Rape Crisis is committed to working towards the achievement of women’s rights.


TEARS Foundation provides access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counseling, and prevention education services for those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse. Confidential services are provided to all victims at no charge!

Statement from SA Women Fight Back

SA Women Fight Back are proud to be standing alongside Kindred in their fight against Gender-Based Violence. For too long victims of GBV have remained silent, and it is time to break the silence. We cannot fight this alone and we need to Stand Up as a nation and say that Enough is Enough. Let us turn our words into actions and Stand Up against GBV.

Bronwyn Litkie