Mutha FM was established in 2002 as South Africa’s first Internet Radio Station and has dealt with the slings and arrows through the turbulence of evolving technology, server systems crashing and going offline in a time where everyone said it could never work…   Yet almost 18 years later where our little net base radio station has evolved into more than we ever expected as a Music Media Lifestyle Platform bringing entertainment to thousands of people from the local and international online communities.

This shows that through adversity comes strength.

Since we started we have always wanted to get a FM licence for Mutha FM to broadcast to the local people of Cape Town and supply them with information and the finest entertainment. However, as the world caught up with technology and the Digital Space (Internet) as it is now known invariably became a normality and the idea of FM faded. Mutha has pursued this but the timing was just not right… UNTIL NOW!

For many years Mutha FM has been a part of the Community in Cape Town and has assisted lots of NPO’s to raise funds and get the much needed exposure creating awareness for their projects and we feel during these trying times of being careful it is time to do more locally. And we feel the best way to do this is with an FM Broadcast.

As an already established veteran in broadcasting, Mutha FM has a fully operational network and can set up an FM Broadcast system infrastructure and supply the local community with its much needed support during our daytime shows and bring in our national and global broadcasts into the later evenings.

In 2013 the Mutha Cares NPO was set up to help the local community and other NPO’s as we have done,  now the NPO will become part of the Mutha Network and focus on the community carrying on its work creating awareness  and doing Mutha FM projects alongside to maximize support where it is most needed.

We would really appreciate your support by signing our online Petition where we are going to present this alongside our FM Licence Application.



Thank you so much xox

Mutha FM <3

Mutha Cares ~ Working with our communities in the Cape Town areas:

Haven Night Shelter in District 6 and the Rosmead Center Primary School in Claremont.