Serato have launched a new music-making software called Studio. The DAW-style software was designed to help DJs who want to make music without the steep learning curve of most modern DAWs.

Currently in public beta, Serato Studio has a similar GUI and feel to Serato DJ including coloured waveforms to show the audio content of a sample at a glance. Studio also uses a DJ-style mixing interface with two vertical faders, three-band EQ and gain controls. The main concept is based around keeping every sample in time and in key – using Serato’s famous Pitch’n’Time algorithm, any sample you load will automatically be key- and tempo-shifted to match the project you’re working on.

Samples and cue points within them are triggered using MIDI clip-style programming and there are tonnes of built-in FX and MIDI presets to get you started on your drum programming.

Users can also drop in their own VST and AU plugins, or stem out their work to move it to another DAW for more advanced features and mixing. Release date and pricing are forthcoming but you can sign up for the beta here. Earlier this year SoundCloud and Serato detailed a new partnership to stream the music-hosted service directly into the DJ software. Watch below: