Sky News in the UK has started a very important initiative that is effecting everyone on the planet.
Now every country has this BIG problem and is getting worse and out of hand.
Signal use plastics are being swept up on beaches and are being eaten by our sea life, in-turn this same sea life sometimes ends up on our dinner plates and we ingest these plastics which is poisoning us and our global surrounding.
Over time the plastics break down into small pieces and sea life think its food.
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Make a change

Making a difference doesn’t always have to be hard work, there are some really simple things that you can do today that would make a huge difference, such as:

Swap out single-use plastics

Be an #OceanHero and swap out single use plastics by doing things like using a refillable water bottle, using a bag for life instead of taking a new bag and choosing products that don’t have microbeads.

Are you up for a plastic challenge?

Get involved

There are lots of ways you could support organisations that do great work to protect the oceans, from joining a local beach clean, to signing petitions or fundraising.

Choose sustainable fish

Download the Marine Conservation Society Good Fish Guide App to get the most up to date sustainable seafood advice in the palm of your hand.