The album title is a rather funky acronym which gives an insight into the meaning behind the LP

Producer and DJ duo Sofi Tukker released their latest album, ‘WET TENNIS’, this week.

The title is an acronym, giving rise to the meaning and motivation behind the creation. Standing for ‘When Everyone Tries to Evolve, Nothing Negative Is Safe’, it is about leaving behind lesser fears in favour of chasing joy.

Written over the last three years, the album is also accompanied by focus single ‘Summer in New York’.

The single is a dedication to the city which provided inspiration for the duo’s earliest work, and ultimately was where Sofi Tukker came to fruition.

Each track on the full album is dubbed as ‘feeling akin to just having emerged from a warm pool, dripping with an irresistible sensuality’, and had many significant input from the duo’s audience.

During lockdown, the pair took to live-streaming, and were able to interact with their audience and consequently experiment and get feedback on ideas which would eventually form tunes found on ‘WET TENNIS’.

“The idea was inspired by the Freak Fam, the people around the world who joined our daily live stream DJ sets for hundreds of days while we were quarantining in our house. Every day, these people chose to stay positive, dance and build a community amidst a very difficult time. This choice to stay positive, dress up in bright colours, and choose joy was inspiring to us and something we wanted to express in our album title, but we also wanted the album title to be fun and sexy.

“We come from athletic backgrounds and everything we do is a back and forth – hence, tennis. Whereas the ‘wet’ part represents sweat and excitement. It has multiple layers and meanings so that people can get whatever it is they most need from the album at any given time.”

With the album release, Sofi Tukker have launched a variety of physical editions: there is an ombre picture disk vinyl or a limited number of autographed CDs to choose from, as well as a variety of other merchandise.

Soon, the duo will be heading out on their tour across Europe, Australia and North America to display their genre-defying, experimental and inclusive perspective on electronic music.

‘WET TENNIS’ is available now – you can check it out here. <<<<<<< LISTEN NOW!