The Chemical Brothers have shared a new track from their forthcoming album. The new cut is titled ‘Got To Keep On’ and you can listen to it below.

The duo have also shared the artwork, tracklist and release date for the new album, titled ‘No Geography’. It lands on 12th April via Astralwerks.

The Chemical Brothers have previously dropped ‘No Geography’ album tracks MAH and ‘Free Yourself’.

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Listen to ‘Got To Keep On’ from The Chemical Brothers’ forthcoming album ‘No Geography’ below. Check out the artwork and tracklist underneath the streams.

‘No Geography’:

1. ‘Eve of Destruction’
2. ‘Bango’
3. ‘No Geography’
4. ‘Got to Keep On’
5. ‘Gravity Drops’
6. ‘The Universe Sent Me’
7. ‘We’ve Got to Try’
8. ‘Free Yourself’
9. ‘MAH’
10. ‘Catch Me I’m Falling’