Stand a chance to win a set of DOUBLE TICKETS and watch CLUB UNITY’s original DJ’s and guests from back in the day perform their Classic Dance sets from the original club 😀

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The WINNERS will be chosen at random via an online number generator and will notified on Nick E Louder’s show the LOUD & PROUD on Friday night at 7pm  for the last 2 weeks building up to event, Good luck!  😀

Event: UNITY – 20 Year Celebration

CLUB UNITY turns 20 years of age this year and has been at the forefront of Clubbing and Event Production for over two decades. We have hosted the world most famous DJ’s and Producers on the UNITY dance floors with a high-end production, music and entertainment from the original founders and our guests we have hosted ♥ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞
20 YEARS OF UNITY ~ STAR WARS – Theme Party 
This year we have chosen a very special date that falls in line with our 20th year celebration which is the 4th of May, international ***STAR WARS DAY*** “May the 4th be with you” ;D
Over the years we have had all kinds of crazy theme parties, but this one is definitely for the books! This event will be starting slightly earlier than usual during the day as we want this to be a real celebration of our two decades together as one Unity Family. We have had a fantastic time over these 20 years all of us watching each other grow up through the dance music scene since the first opening party at CLUB UNITY in 1999, and have partied like that ever since… because that is how we do it!
This year we can’t find any better excuse than to make this an epic Star Wars theme party as we have all grown up through these epic movies and they have been a part of our lives as UNITY has by bringing us all together <3
We have an amazing venue arranged for you and we want you to dress up in your favorite Star Wars character costume. To make your life easier we have been in touch with the top fancy dress costume shops across Cape Town and if you do want to go all out and dress up, we have arranged a Club Unity discount at these shops that will be sent out shortly 🙂
In good old UNITY fashion we will be announcing the DJ Line-Up as we move closer to the 4th of May 2019…
UNITY – 20 Year Celebration (((> DJ LINE – UP <)))
Watch our social media and the Club Unity page on Mutha FM for announcements:
May the 4th be with you! <3
Pre Sold TICKETS are now available from Quicket < Click Here
★ Club Unity invites you the Unity family to join us for our 20 year celebration for the STAR WARS fancy dress theme party and enjoy the timeless dance music amazing atmosphere, thundering sound and epic lasers and lights!
★ Come once again and experience the wonder of South Africa’s first super club brand – Sight – Sound – Atmosphere
★ This event will have our legendary UNITY DJ’s who will be performing their classic dance sets that will take you back to a magical time on the Unity dance Floor.
★ WIN DOUBLE TICKETS tune in to Nick E Louder’s show the LOUD & PROUD on Friday nights two weeks prior at 7pm and stand a chance to WIN a set of Double Tickets!
This is a daytime / evening event to celebrate our 20 years of UNITY, make sure you are here from the start!
DATE: 4th May 2019
Epic Clubber – Pre Sold: R180 / Tickets on the Door 
SKYY VODKA – UNITY ~ VIP – Pre Sold: R250 / Tickets on the Door 
Plush VIP Space Bar Lounge
DRESS THEME: Star Wars – Empire / The Rebellion
VENUE: Metronome – 12 Viben Avenue, Brackenfell Industrial, Cape Town.
If you feel someone needs to be at this event, an old UNITY buddy, whether they are on FB and you have just not been in touch… they just might need a reminder of how good a night on the dance floor is for the soul… Reconnect them to the UNITY cog, reach out and lets recharge them with the passion of music and the love for life <3
Love, Respect and UNITY xox
We are really looking forward to seeing everyone on the 4th of May and if you are keen to go all out with the Star Wars theme for the 20 Year celebration party, to make your life easier we have arranged a 20% discount for anyone who wants to hire a fancy dress costume from the two shops below – just use the code word
The Hollywood Group
Anel: 076 119 4202
20% discount on any rentals with quoting UNITY as the code word
Please contact Anel to make an appointment to arrange your rental on the above mentioned details
Mardi Gras
Sherine / Natalie: 021 418 2257
Please contact either ladies to arrange for viewing – these suites are also available to buy at the same cost as it would be to rent so you might just be able to keep your outfits 😉
Another option… is to download a PRINTABLE STAR WARS MASKS and just print a mask onto card via this link below: