Kerrigan made the announcement over the weekend at a 20th anniversary celebration for the 1999 cult classic. Danny Dyer, Shaun Parkes, Nicola Reynolds and more of the beloved original cast are set to reprise their roles for the long awaited sequel.

“We’re doing Human Traffic 2!” Kerrigan declared at the event, “It’s about one race, the human race, and a reaction to Brexit. We love you people and we can’t wait to see you again.”

The sequel, Human Traffic: The Revolution, was initially teased in 2016, when film production company Parallax East revealed that the story would be set in Cardiff and Ibiza. It is set to be produced by Sally Hibbin, who worked on ‘90s football hooliganism flick I.D.

While no release date has been teased, it’s just exciting to know that one of the benchmark films on club culture is 100% getting a sequel. You can watch the video of the announcement below.