Step into the captivating world of Jade, a boundary-pushing artist renowned for her dynamic fusion of deep tech, progressive house, and techno. From the infectious energy of intimate venues to the electrifying vibes of festival stages, Jade’s versatility knows no bounds, enchanting audiences with her unique soundscapes.

Embarking on her music production journey in 2011, Jade’s evolution as an artist has been deeply influenced by her early years as a self-taught pianist. This foundation paved the way for a remarkable career trajectory that saw her grace the decks in 2017, where she seamlessly melds her profound musical knowledge with a genuine passion for the art form.

In a testament to her innovative spirit, Jade has embraced the addition of live instruments to her mixes, whether weaving in harmonies, synths, or basslines. With creativity as her compass, she continually pushes boundaries and explores new sonic territories, offering listeners a truly immersive and unparalleled musical experience.

A seasoned collaborator with an impressive list of stamps from distinguished platforms such as MUTHAFM, TekNow, Burning Man, and more, DJ Jade promises nothing short of an exhilarating journey for fans of underground music. Tune in to The Beat Cartel and prepare to be transported to a realm where the grooviest tunes, mind-blowing mixes, and sickest beats converge in harmonious synergy.

Join Jade on a sonic exploration like no other, as she introduces you to hidden gems and emerging talents that will leave you mesmerized and craving more. Stay ahead of the curve with The Beat Cartel and immerse yourself in a world where innovation thrives and the underground reigns supreme. Let the rhythm guide you on a wild, unforgettable ride through the vibrant tapestry of global music culture with Jade at the helm.

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The Beat Cartel with Jade

Genre: Techno and Deep Tech
Wednesday 6pm – 9pm