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may, 2024


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Thursday 9pm – 12am

ABOUT The Digital Shaman

Music makes me feel alive. From an early age, I was captivated by its enchanting melodies. Growing up, my father, an avid music aficionado, introduced me to a vast collection of LPs, nurturing in me a deep connection with sound. His book, an exploration of the discography of his beloved artist, Bob Dylan, ignited my own musical journey, and I spent my days creating mixtapes.

In 2020, as the world experienced a collective pause, I found solace in the art of DJing. Embracing the depths of sound, I delved into the craft, immersing myself in the creation of soul-stirring, digital “mixtapes” that became the sonic offering of The Digital Shaman.

In just four years, my journey has been a transformative experience. I’ve had the honor of gracing international stages and weaving my sonic tales at renowned festivals across South Africa.


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One of the defining moments of my career was the unforgettable Earthdance 2022, where I joined forces with South Africa’s finest trance DJs to illuminate a path towards healing and unity

Alongside my ventures, I co-founded a music production company, WE R Music, unlocking new avenues for artistic expression.What you can expect:

As a DJ, my sonic explorations know no bounds. The medicine I administer takes various forms, from the captivating allure of Desert Tech to the melodic tapestries of house and techno, and ultimately entering the realm of psytrance, where suffering is transmuted into transcendence. This is where I find my true calling.

I am The Digital Shaman, channeling the echoes of lost and found emotions through my music. Embark with me on a transformative journey as we navigate the depths of sound together, transcending suffering and embracing the cathartic power of melodies.


The show line up.

21H00 - 21H30

A 30-min featured Artist, Producer, or Label to open show.

21H30 - 22H00

My 1st Guest DJ slot to warm you up.

22H00 - 22H30

Just what the Dr ordered: The Digital Shaman, plays a 30-minute Melodic Techno Mix.

22H30 - 23H00

Medicine for the Mind: A 30-minute fusion of new releases and familiar classics from the Psychedelic Trance scene

23H00 - 23H30

Hit that high with my 2nd Guest DJ slot.

23H30 - 00H00

Exactly what you need before Bed Time: The Digital Shaman, plays a 30-minute PsyTrance Set.