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april, 2024


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Timeless Festival 2024 Live Recording Broadcast

​​🌟 Tune in this Saturday, April 20th from 6pm to 12am SA Time for an exclusive broadcast of Mutha FM's DJs live sets from the Timeless Festival 2024! 🎶 Recorded at the epic Portal Stage Night 1 at the stunning Elgin Country Club in the Western Cape,...

Introducing Twist of Fate: Your Gateway to Psychedelic Exploration

Get ready to embark on a mind-bending journey into the realms of UFOs, aliens, and psychedelic wonders with Twist of Fate, the brainchild of Stefan de Beer. Hailing from the small town of Schweizer-Reneke in South Africa's northwest province, Stefan has emerged as a...

Redefining the Rhythm: The Revolution of Club House on The Underground Frequency

This week we Introduce our resident DJ and Show host, DJ Shanti who goes beyond borders to showcase Global Influences on the Future Sounds of Club House every week.Get ready to tune in and turn up the volume every Monday from 6 PM to 9 PM on www.muthafm.com for an...

Introducing The Digital Shaman: Your Guide to Sonic Transformation

Unleash your inner wanderer and embark on a transformative journey through sound with The Digital Shaman, your visionary guide to the depths of music. Born from a lifelong passion for melody and rhythm, The Digital Shaman's odyssey began amidst the crackle of LPs and...

Cosmic Adventures on the Dance Floor: Exploring SighDuck’s Enchanted Escape

Step into the realm of SighDuck, a rising force in the dynamic world of DJing, whose roots trace back to the golden age of Soul Candi and Funky House. From those early days, a fervent love for dance music ignited within him, setting ablaze an unwavering passion that...

From Dunes to Dancefloors: The Rise of Desert Techno Worldwide

In the vast expanse of the desert, where ancient traditions meet modern rhythms, a new wave of electronic music is capturing the imagination of audiences around the world. Desert Techno, also known as Organic Oriental Tech, blends the mystique of the desert with...

Embracing the Global Phenomenon of Afro Techno: New Show Launched

In the vibrant heart of South Africa, a unique blend of rhythm and soul has been captivating audiences worldwide. Afro Techno, also known as Afro Tech, is a dynamic music genre that seamlessly fuses the rich cultural heritage of Africa with the cutting-edge sounds of...

Nick E Louder – Celebrating 30 Years of Music and Passion in the Mutha City

Renowned in Cape Town and South Africa, Nick E Louder, a professional DJ and producer with over three decades of experience has captivated audiences across generations and as the 30th season in the Mutha City unfolds, this DJ's journey is nothing short of remarkable....