With over 70 years of experience designing turntables and other hi-fi electronic products, the Swiss engineering company Lenco has successfully created the world’s first 3D printed record player, The Lenco-MD.

Modular and made-up of mostly renewable resources, the Lenco-MD was first presented at IFA Berlin 2018 – a consumer electronics fair where the design was ranked as top three in the category of best innovations. The DIY record player consists of multiple swappable units, including a solar module and speaker module, that allows for greater customization and portability. The complete set will be available in a variety of colors: apple green, sky blue, pink, white, orange, yellow and red.

Currently not available for purchase, Lenco has launched a Kickstarter to help move this noteworthy project from vision to production. Once completed, the Lenco-MD can be constructed by anyone with a 3D printer and the various hardware parts needed to complete the record player (belt, pulley, motor, etc). For those without a 3D printer, the Lenco-MD can be purchased as a complete set with all the parts pre-printed.

Check out an informational video about the Lenco-MD below and learn more about the record player here