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Searches for ‘Berlin rave fashion’ have risen by 250% A new annual report by moodboard platform Pinterest predicts that “rave culture and fashion” could see a spike in trend this year. The report, which also predicted a trending rise in superfoods, origami, the colour orange, and puppy pool parties, expects that “rave fashion” could be on the up,
A brand new documentary recounting the biggest outdoor party to have ever taken place in the UK, Fatboy Slim’s Big Beach Boutique II, has aired for the first time on Sky. The 2002 event is documented throughout the new feature length film, titled Right Here, Right Now, released via Sky Documentaries on Saturday, February 4. The film marks two decades
Electronic audio company and synthesiser manufacturers Behringer have teased the “final version” of a miniature clone of the legendary EMS VCS3 synthesiser, called the AKS Mini. Expected to ship in the summer for around $99 (Aprox R1680.00), the synthesiser will clone the oscillators and filters of the original, which was first released in 1969 and often considered as the first portable
Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney, the daughter of Björk, has released her debut solo music as part of an Icelandic grassroots arts compilation. Landing earlier this month on ‘DRULLUMALL 4’, a compilation made up of tracks from Icelandic artists, Ísadóra’s new track marks her very first venture into solo music with the soulful track ‘bergmál’. The single appeared
Maxi Jazz had recently suffered from a sleep-depriving tooth abscess when he penned Faithless’ most enduring hit, ‘Insomnia’. His “I can’t get no sleep” refrain” has consistently thrilled millions of bug-eyed clubbers since the track was released in 1995, even though its writer’s inspiration came from a very different place. “The lines about having no electricity and reaching
Electronics and software engineer Matthew Cieplak has created a fully working browser-based drum machine based on the original Roland TR-909. The virtual instrument, named ER-99, is now ready to be used online for free courtesy of Cieplak’s Extralife Instruments webpage – and it boasts a big selection of features. Built to celebrate international 909 day, the emulator pays tribute
THE PLAYGROUND will be hosting this amazing event in March 2023 with a host of global superstar DJ and Producers never scene on this level in South Africa before of its inaugural festival in Cape Town, South Africa between the 10th and 12th of March 2023 to be hosted at the foothills of the Greyton
Depeche Mode have announced their first album ‘Memento Mori’ and live tour in five years. This new release is their first since the death of founding member Andy “Fletch” Fletcher. Band members Dave Gahan and Martin Gore revealed the news at an event in Berlin yesterday, performing a preview of the album and confirming that all tracks were made