Step into the realm of SighDuck, a rising force in the dynamic world of DJing, whose roots trace back to the golden age of Soul Candi and Funky House. From those early days, a fervent love for dance music ignited within him, setting ablaze an unwavering passion that now fuels his musical journey.

As SighDuck embarks on this sonic odyssey, he skillfully navigates the intricate beats, tirelessly chasing after elusive bass lines and impactful kicks. His musical pursuits are more than a mere performance; they are a rhythmic expression that beckons listeners to join him on the dance floor. The energy he channels every week on a Tuesday evening from 6-9pm, is infectious, creating an atmosphere where the love for music propels everyone into a collective dance-induced euphoria.

Prepare yourself for a genre-bending experience as SighDuck seamlessly blends Psy-influenced Hard Tech, Dark Prog, and Zenon. These genres are not just chosen at random; they hold a special place in his musical heart, each one contributing to the unique tapestry of sounds that define his style. It’s a sonic journey that transcends conventional boundaries, pushing the limits of what dance music can be.

Drawing inspiration from a Pokémon endowed with psychokinetic powers, SighDuck’s performances are nothing short of mesmerizing. Like the Pokémon’s ability to manipulate earthly and extraterrestrial forces, SighDuck weaves a sonic tapestry that transcends the ordinary. His fusion of sounds takes you on a cosmic adventure, where earthly beats seamlessly intertwine with extraterrestrial elements, creating an auditory experience that is both captivating and otherworldly.

So, follow the sonic trail and witness SighDuck’s transformative musical prowess. Allow yourself to be carried away by the beats, as he invites you to explore the boundaries of sound and rhythm. In the hands of SighDuck, music becomes a portal to a realm where genres collide, and the dance floor becomes a canvas for a cosmic masterpiece.
Tune in via the website media player, or simply download the free app (Apple) (Android), and listen on the GO! Unleash the Groove: Pocket-Sized DJ, Always Ready to Play!


GENRE: Psy-influenced Hard Tech, Dark Prog,
Tuesday 6pm – 9pm