Over the past few years we have seen a resurgence in the much loved Rave Scene on a world wide scale with events popping up and the legendary DJ’s and Producers performing at events such as Luminosity and Club Unity locally in S.A.

The music cycle has now gone full circle and the energy of the Rave Heyday seems to be upon us once again, however this time we are a bit longer in the tooth and hopefully wiser 😉

The music is still as good as it ever was and with the re-introduction on vinyl and digital it adds to the element and atmosphere that made it so special back in the day. We are not saying lets go out every weekend and bounce off the walls and not care about tomorrow, but we can still have a fantastic Rave Up and celebrate life in a positive way and enjoy those Epic beats and Anthems from back then to take us back now and then 😀

On that note, we would love your input as the older youth (as we like to say) and let us know which International Artists you would love to have at a Classic Dance Rave Event for this New Years Eve in Cape Town.

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