This evening right across South Africa everyone who is in the entertainment, events and creative industry are fighting for our survival and are calling on everyone to our immediate aid and assistance please supports us  by shining a RED LIGHT outside tonight.


Look out for us on 5th August! Our aim is to be acknowledged by the South African government and to come up with an itinerary to keep our industry alive. The event industry has been hit exceptionally hard and affects a range of people and companies from artists to freelancers, theatres and venues, equipment suppliers and various other trades within. #LightSAred aims to draw attention to this crisis. We are creating a large scale campaign that takes place across South Africa and has an extensive media reach. For all those involved in this event, the action is to simultaneously light buildings and structures across the nation.


Mutha FM is giving the opportunity to Club, Events and Festival to stream a virtual event to their patronsREAD HERE