Renowned in Cape Town and South Africa, Nick E Louder, a professional DJ and producer with over three decades of experience has captivated audiences across generations and as the 30th season in the Mutha City unfolds, this DJ’s journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Having graced stages alongside some of the world’s most prominent DJs, owned top clubs, and hosted radio shows on major stations, Nick E Louder has been a pivotal figure in shaping Cape Town’s electronic music scene. From humble beginnings in the early ’90s to witnessing the scene’s evolution, his commitment and dedication have been instrumental in fostering growth and community spirit.

Throughout the years, Nick E Louder has forged lasting friendships and navigated challenges with grace, always driven by a deep love for music. His hope is that his impact has inspired others to pursue their passions and create unforgettable moments on the dance floor.

Unfortunately, Nick E Louder will be leaving SA shores on a sabbatical back to the UK. This does mean his weekly Loud and Proud show will be coming to an end. Luckily we have some bright new talent to try and fill his large shoes.

As the time approaches to bid farewell, all are invited to join Nick E Louder and the Mutha FM crew for a final performance at the TIMELESS Festival from April 5th to 7th. “It has been an honor to entertain and connect with audiences over the years, and the anticipation of one last electrifying set in SA is palpable.”