This is the first Pioneer DJ mixer that can be powered via a USB connection to a computer

Pioneer DJ has just launched the DJM-S5, a 2-channel, scratch-style DJ mixer for Serato DJ Pro.

This model is built around battle-mixing and scratching and is ideal if a user wants to experiment more with this.

It has a similar layout to the DJM-S11 and is easy and straightforward to use. While usability is simple, the features provide complex elements to your mixes which can impress anyone listening to them.

The MAGVEL FADER PRO feels great to scratch and users can use Feeling Adjust to find the ideal “weighting” for their DJ set.

The mixer has a brand-new Scratch Cutter feature, which once jogged with one of the user’s wheels will use a choice of 6 cutting patterns to the sample or track in time with the track played on the other wheel – meaning there is no need to move the crossfader.

It also offers native control of Serato DJ Pro and Serato DVS – which can be used when connecting the mixer to a PC / Mac running the software. The mixer can also be used with a USB connection.

This is the first Pioneer mixer that can be powered via a USB connection to a computer, making it easy to take around.

Aesthetically, this mixer is an eye-catching red colour which makes it an interesting spectacle for both users and audiences. There is also a unique transparent “window” which shows the MAGVEL FADER PRO.

For more information about the DJM-S5, visit the Pioneer DJ website here.

Check out this YouTube video: